Sunday, July 13, 2008

Custom made stickers!

I bought something for my car on Saturday! It's a sticker with my nick.
This sticker was custom-made, done by Remus from Motorsports Playground in Sunway. He specializes in car stickers, installing communication devices for race cars, selling certain carbon fibre parts and emblems etc.

Check out these stickers! You can custom make anything for your ride!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Evolution 8!

Presenting the Mitsubishi Evolution 8...

The exterior is entirely stock standard, with the exception of the 17 inch OZ racing rims that came with the car.

Some evos have done up with bodykits and they look pretty kick ass. When I park my evo next to them, i feel like they are the real deal and im just a normal sedan family car trying to be macho and all...

This is how the evo looks when its infront of you! hah kidding. The back shot of the evo. It does indeed look very much like a Waja sad to say... One of my colleagues actually didnt know about the evo and whats the hype over it. To them it was just a 4door saloon car and how sporty could it be? The 350z, RX8, Skylines were the sporty cars to them. So as she was muckering about how low my Recaros were, and how low she felt in the car and noisy and all... So I floored my car to let her feel the G's from 1.5bar of boosting and she just zipped up. Heh now that's what I call SPORTS CAR. Looking at them getting shocked was pretty priceless, cos they never thought a 4door saloon could have such acceleration power.. PEW PEW people, this aint a sports car, cos its a RALLY BREED!

GTi evolved to.... the 8!

First car that I had was a Proton Satria GTi. It was a present from my parents. I've always loved cars since high school. I was a crazy GT fan from the Playstation, and back then GT2 was all about skylines, GT3 was all about evos. The more you play these games, the more hooked up you will be to these machines.

Just as how girls have their fashion sense. The Gucci, LV, Prada... Us guys have our own sort of wierd sense. Some guys like to play PC games (World of Warcraft), some guys like to play sports (Futsal), some guys just loves cars (Mazda, Nissan, Mitsubishi etc)! Sad to say, I fall into all that category for a guy LOL.

The GTi had taught me how to drive. What were the limits of a car, how hard you can push and test a car to a certain extend. I've enjoyed every moment with the GTi, it taught me a lot indeed. >> fast forward <<.. I no longer own the GTi, but something that rather evolved into a bigger, meaner, quicker, and tougher machine. It is no Ferrari, no Lambo, no Lotus, but I bet it gives those a run for their money. Its the Mitsubishi Evolution 8. I've decided to set up this blog in dedication to my new ride. I'll post up my experience driving the car, the things I do with it, to it, with it. I'll try to keep my blog updated frequently so I can review of the times I spent with the car. I wish I had did something like this with the GTi that I had, but back then blogging was not all the hype, and figured why not do it now for my new car. The 8!