Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Evolution 8!

Presenting the Mitsubishi Evolution 8...

The exterior is entirely stock standard, with the exception of the 17 inch OZ racing rims that came with the car.

Some evos have done up with bodykits and they look pretty kick ass. When I park my evo next to them, i feel like they are the real deal and im just a normal sedan family car trying to be macho and all...

This is how the evo looks when its infront of you! hah kidding. The back shot of the evo. It does indeed look very much like a Waja sad to say... One of my colleagues actually didnt know about the evo and whats the hype over it. To them it was just a 4door saloon car and how sporty could it be? The 350z, RX8, Skylines were the sporty cars to them. So as she was muckering about how low my Recaros were, and how low she felt in the car and noisy and all... So I floored my car to let her feel the G's from 1.5bar of boosting and she just zipped up. Heh now that's what I call SPORTS CAR. Looking at them getting shocked was pretty priceless, cos they never thought a 4door saloon could have such acceleration power.. PEW PEW people, this aint a sports car, cos its a RALLY BREED!

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