Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Is a turbo timer needed?

I believe this is most often asked. Let me share my point of view:

Why is it needed?
  • Turbo timer aids you to cooldown your car by a preset timer.
  • Helps you to idle down in order for the oil to flow pass the turbo charger.
  • Idling down prevents oil from getting 'cooked' in the turbo charger.
  • Reduce chances of sludge forming up from high temp.
  • Optional function that comes with it is a good feature.
Why is it NOT needed?
  • You can drive slow and not boost to cooldown your car.
  • Driving at a slow and steady speed allows sufficient air to go through your car.
  • Driving will make the oil pump all round as well.
  • When your car is stationary after a hard drive, its as hot as hell anyway, the longer you idle the hotter it gets!
  • You do not require the unnecessary functions
So conclusion, to get one or not to get?
It can help, especially certain functions are great "think Apexi pen turbo timer which offers O2 reading". If you have the money to spend, go for it, but you can live without a turbo timer for your car as long as you know how to cool down your car before you reach your destination. Just drive slow and not boosting for the last 2km of your journey is sufficient.

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