Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tyre air pressure

Check your car tyres air pressure at least once a week. Today I realized that my rear right tyre was slightly inflated. Drove to a petrol kiosk to get it pumped. The settings that I normally pump are FRONT 32psi, REAR 30psi. Using the electronic pumps with the digital meter are more accurate as compared to the manual turn meters (inaccurate and OFTEN spoils!).

Reasons why you should keep them pumped well:
  • Well pumped tyre increases life-span of the tyres
  • Will not have pre-mature wear/tear at the sidewalls
  • Better response on throttle
  • Better handling/control
The higher the psi you inflate, the more compressed the air is and it will make your ride feel bumpy. You can play around with the psi to your preference. For a comfortable ride, you can set 28psi for front and 26 psi for rear. I like mine at 32psi front and 30psi rear. If you drive on highway / long distance, it is advisable to set your tyre pressure at 30psi front and 28psi rear due to a long journey at high speed increasing the air temperature in the tyre thus pressure will rise.

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