Monday, August 11, 2008

Car park tips: Avoiding unnecessary damage

Ever wondered how you got those pesky small dents by your car sides? Let me highlight some possibilities for you.

  1. Kids that are excited when they go to a mall. Opens the car doors in a huge swing.
  2. Inconsiderate fat people who requires a huge door space to get out.
  3. Elderly people may be weak, but strong enough to dent your car.
  4. People who pushes their shopping carts and accidentally bumps into you.
  5. List goes on and on and on... you get the picture.
Ways to avoid these 'pimples' on your car.

  • Always look for a parking bay that is next to a pillar. Park closes to the pillar side so you provide ample space for the person parking next to you.
  • A wall behind you guarantees your back/front end of the car will not be damaged by anyone other than the driver themselves.
  • Forget parking bays which have too little space for you to open your door. You are considerate enough not to damage someone else door, but they do not think the same.

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