Thursday, August 21, 2008

Magic the Gathering Nationals 2008

Congratulations to Au Yong for winning 1st at 2008 M:tG nationals. Im sure you will do well in guiding Malaysia to a top finish for Worlds. Also props to Jason Yap in his quest to get a chance to play in Worlds. All the best to you, and may your gravy train of Pro Tours be a long journey.

What happened on Saturday?
  1. I was playing B/G elf and I beat Vincent Gan using Reveillark. He muttered some stuff " doesn't take skills to win in Magic"
  2. I did 1-2 for constructed portion, losing to Hwa in 3 games because he dropped a Moat before I could thoughtseize it off thus nothing I could do to handle the Moat.
  3. I lost to Razif in 3 games because he managed to combo off the infinity life gain playing Reveillark and I had no Extirpate at all in my sideboard because I told Mun Yip i won't be needed them (LOL!)
  4. I managed a 2-1 for Lorwyn/Lorwyn/Morning Tide, and I have not seen a single Morning Tide card until Nationals. I stopped Lorwyn right after PT:KL so yeah, drafting was tough!
  5. I drafted a Mono-red elementals deck with the Elemental Lord and some fat elementals + 2 blue cards for gas in mid-late game.
  6. I screwed up my Shadowmore/Shadowmore/Eventide draft because I had no clue what to pick as I never saw those cards before.
  7. I dropped in day 1 after round 7.
I think I did pretty well considering I was inactive in playing magic for almost a year, and had no idea about the metagame and decks until 1 day before Nationals where Mun Yip dropped by to bunk over at my place and lent me his decks. Great fun meeting old friends, but I cant get too serious in the game due to other commitments. I shall be back one day! Perhaps to do better than a 23rd placing in GP:Bangkok!

I will be back next year for Nationals 2009 (to have fun of course!)

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